Things I tried so far: Now select the installation source of your Windows 7. Make a Raspberry a real MSX. After following the procedure as stated in the manual:. For this tutorial an Altera DE1 Board was used:. By karloch Paragon But the USB-Blaster could not be found.

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After some tests it looks that the debugging was not stable here. All steps before don’t ‘look’ at the board apparently Sometimes I could debug the project, sometimes it was not possible to download the project into the Nios II.

I have selected MB. After following the procedure as stated in the manual:. Whatever we were trying at his table programmer was saying this nonsense. The latest version where the Cyclone II will be supported is By karloch Paragon Terms and conditions Privacy policy Contact us. BAS Finding of client for print with samba. I have used bit. I am wrong here, USB is used.


Maybe the problem is in software or driver, but it is not confirmed.

Update GR8NET FPGA offline: Can’t recognize silicon ID for device 1 | MSX Resource Center

Can’t recognize silicon ID for device 1 OS: Now complete the installation of Windows. Windows 10 x64 Quartus Again, one step back, next test was made with The issue is finally solved! We are going to install Quartus on a Virtual Box that is running Windows 7.

Just for reference, I used this one I order through eBay.

Altera Quartus on Mac OSX

After you install VirutalBox create a new virtual machine. So my answer – I do not know what is a problem! Right now on Ebay. For the moment it looks that I have found a stable solution which is working for the Altera DE1 Board. I get the same error message in the Quartus programmer if I break the connection to the board.

It is located in the Tools menu and select Hardware Setup In the first step of the wizard provide it a name, specify the type as Micosoft Windows and select the version of the software. Btw, here I am using Windows 7 bit.


Athletic land msx cartridge complete I tried the latest version, which was But you can still find it in the archive. Don’t you have an account yet?

Go to your device manager, right click on the recognized device and select Update driver software. Become an MSX-friend and register an account!

Now select the installation source of your Windows 7.