Nissan SX Performance Modification. Chirping didn’t happen too much on mine, but it’s about tire size and compound to whether it chirps, squeeks, shifts, or clunks. How to weld your stock diff. When the wheels spin in opposite directions the fluid between the plates is heated up and expands, locking the plates together. Originally Posted by DoriKnights. Mine is still going 5 years strong now with the new owner. Tire consumption is not that bad if you dont drive like a jackass all the time time.

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However, we will have to discuss the preservation of everything else.

AS for tire wear I got about thousand less miles off my tires so its not that bad. I wouldn’t recommend it for daily duties. The S14 only has a 2 bolt rear cover while the S13 has a 4 bolt. Find More Posts by S13Leprechaun. If you know how to drive and are careful in the rain you won’t have daaily problems. This is recommended if you want to reduce the stress that is placed on the drivetrain during corners.


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Several types of diff are available for different types of driving. You currently have 0 posts.

Ideal, no, but livable. Car parks have moved up to Public Enemy 1 on your list.

But they are discontinued now. If you actually enjoy drifting and want to keep with it, rebuild your car and get a 2 way. They do wear them down, but only ever so slightly.

When the wheels spin in opposite directions the fluid between the plates is heated up and expands, locking the plates together.

Good solid metal clunk. I just pulled out my welded diff in favor of a VLSD Failure could result in an immobilized weldd which would cause an unsafe condition for you, and those around you.

I enjoyed my welded, but it’s time to join the big boys and man up.

Readers Reviews: Daily Driving a Welded Differential

Welded is the G. Find More Posts by steve shadows. It does not lock like a clutch diff, but is very smooth. About a set of tires every months depending upon how aggressive you drive.

is it hard to drive with welded diff for every day car? – Nissan Forum | Nissan Forums

Quote message in reply? This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat This causes a car with a welded differential to behave very different than most cars on the road. Find More Posts by rb25drag. There are a number of wet clutch plates close together and when the power needs to be transferred the clutch plates lock together helping the power get to the wheel with more traction.


Nissan 240SX Performance Modification/Differential

Originally Posted by BusBOy. With a normal differential, the wheel on the inside of the turn has to rotate less than the wheel on the outside. Welded diff, plus coilovers Originally Posted by duballstar View Post. All I can say is that I loved it.

Options Quote message in reply? This is done by using the full width of the road. Last edited by motoman on Sun May 23, 5: