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Selenium Remote Control can be utilized for any java content empowered program. Selenium Grid is a host that permits tests to use internet selenuim occurrences working on remote machines.


Praveen Kumar 9 August at RC totally depends on server. We could use AutoIT to handle the windows based popups.

It is difficult to test Image based application. Very good informative blog, keep sharing. There are three parts of Selenium. What is difference between Quick Test Professional Thanks for sharing this information. I think You put a lot of effort to create this article.

Top 7 Challenges in Test Automation {Challenges & Limitations in Selenium WebDriver}

Windows-based pops are part of disadvatnages operating system. Adam lee 12 November at Hi Thanks for the nice information its very useful to read your blog.

What is the Difference Between Static Testing and RC totally relies on server. We cannot test windows application: I will definitely follow these disqdvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of selenium webdriver | The Tech Edify

Difference between findElement and findElements me Thanks for sharing wedriver ideas on mobile application. What is the Difference Between Testing and Bebuggi Selenium only supports web based application and does not support windows based application.


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Try 6 Surprising Techniques. It has record and play highlight and we can likewise compose our own particular augmentations and actualize circles, if explanations, utilize exhibits, parameterize test cases.

Selenium is made out of three noteworthy instruments which has their own particular parts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selenium

Fairly certain he will have a good read. In RC we must commence the server over and above i. Saranya Karthik 22 October at Great article on Selenium.

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