Partial [ 4 ] L, R, Select, Start not working. Yes [ 19 ]. Assignment Wizard, setup your device while 2 minutes. If you are not logged on as Administrator when installing the driver, you may be asked to enter an Administrator account password. This will calibrate the device internally so that the axes report the correct values.

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On the development front, we are working on getting Elecoj Zone! Controller support through SDL2 is not as robust as with Rewired’s custom native support. You should include this information in the documentation of your game so your users will know how the ekecom guns should be configured.

Which controllers are supported by the Standard Gamepad varies across browsers. Yes [ 19 ]. Rewired currently includes extended support for the following game controllers as of version 1.

You should be aware of this if you have keyboard maps enabled as some controller elements will trigger keyboard presses instead of or in addition to controller button functions. Partial D-pad, all center buttons not working. Oculus Touch Controller see important special support information.


Linux Fallback [ 2 ]. This is our second Blast Zone!

This will calibrate the device internally so that the axes report the correct values. Sony DualShock 2 Insten Adapter [ 7 ].

Elecom computer gamepads and joysticks specifications.

In order to use these devices with Rewired, you eecom disable native input in Windows by setting the Primary Input Source to “Unity.

Configurable separate Polling rates for Buttons and Axes.

XBox Emulation Required Driver. Partial [ 2 ]. Yes May have issues [ 5 ].

ELECOM Windows Driver Downloads

Adding support for additional keyboards and mice is possible, and the feature may be added in the future if there is enough demand. Driver Required Yes – Google Chrome Partial [ 4 ] Thumb R1, Body Buttons not working. Partial Mode B only, select not working. Added a function to set a cursor speed on the setting screen.

Keyboard and Mouse to Keyboard and Mouse emulator. Partial [ 4 ] Button 06 not working. For the lightguns to work properly in Rewired, you must set the light gun mode to “Joystick” in the Arcade Guns Pro Utility.


Elecom GP computer gamepad and joysticks specifications

Emulates DualShock 4 Touchpad as Mouse. Therefore, there is no way possible to determine whether the controller is wired or wireless and therefore no way tamepad make separate profiles for the two modes.

Please refer to the package of the product for the supported OS. The information in the following table shows which controllers have been mapped for the different browsers running on different operating systems. Yes PS Vita Target: Play any PC game, that supports only keyboard and mouse, with your gamepad, flight-stick or wheel.

Due to limitations of Unity’s input system, the controller can only be mapped for one mode setting, not multiple. Yes [ 16 ]. Includes Trust GXT Yes Vibration not supported.