A bi-amp speaker terminal was used with one set to the BSC and the other directly to the speaker. It is magnetically shielded for use near television or CRT monitor. Last update 17 December Another ratio sometimes used is 0. Photograph 01 shows the Narra slabs being planed. The Fostex FEE driver is cm 4. On that basis, this project uses a sealed enclosure in an attempt to get the best mid-range performance from these drivers.

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The sound is a bit brilliant and forward.


I do not have the speakers anymore, my brother begged me for them! Created 19 June The Fostex FEE driver is cm 4.

Created 12 November This full-range driver is capable of frequency response from about 70Hz to 20kHz, but note the limited X max. See the modifications and tweaks for the Fostex FEEn fullrange speaker driver for an example. In addition to the cabinet bracing, small blocks of various sizes and shapes were glued to the inside panels in random and non symmetrical locations to further alter resonances and helped to use up the 1.

Another positive characteristic of a fosrex system is that the rear driver compensates for the baffle diffraction stepand thus no electronic correction circuit is required.


On that basis, this project uses a sealed enclosure in an attempt to get the best mid-range performance from these drivers. The above calculations are for inductor and resistor values to suit the FEE driver DCR of 6R9 on the sample used and the baffle width.


The measurements were made at about 22 degrees Celsius. Another ratio sometimes used is 0.

Unfortunately, with all the reflecting going on, many of the timing and phase cues are lost and thus imaging is not as good as a monopole design.

With a sealed enclosure, the back wave does not interfere with the front wave because it is trapped in the sealed box.

The following circuit was added to the speaker input terminal. As a result, loudspeaker placement is generally not critical, but you do want to keep them off of a wall.

Created 12 November I gave them to him since I can easily build another pair.

Fostex FEE Fullrange Loudspeaker Driver

I constructed a pair of small tower sealed bipole speakers using the 4. Many designers like to use the Golden Ratio 0. Used in the right location, wall loaded and in a smaller room, this speaker has very special sonics which can bring out spectacular mids. I connected the unfinished speakers without the damping materials to my two Sonic Impact T-Amps. The drivers main flaw foatex a little bit of shout, which some have managed to address through modifications.


There is no rule to say the response has to be flat and in this instance, sounded much better with the 1 dB peak. However, I chose to go with 23L for aesthetic reasons and to allow for an easy te127e to fe127 T-Line had I been disappointed with the sealed results.

EOS Electronics | Proffesional Audio | Fullrange | Fostex FE Fullrange Loudspeaker

The frame of the driver is stamped steel, so it will benefit from some damping. Solid Narra being Planed. The increased room reflections provide a good response off axis and a better sound stage i. Last update 12 July Note the chamfer behind the driver which was created with a router to give the drivers some room to breathe. Pushing these tiny X max drivers to produce bass tends to cause some loss of cone control, even at low SPL.

Photograph 01 shows the Narra slabs being planed. Last update 17 December The driver is well built and like most Fostex units, it sounds excellent.