Before starting with our usual presentation of the card’s features and specifications, let’s say a few words about AMD’s HD48xx series. For all the tests we used the latest ATI Catalyst drives 8. The new design closely follows the color schemes of the sworn enemies — red for ATI and green for Nvidia. Like their predecessors, the ATI Radeon HD Series graphics cards offer optimal performance and efficiency with platform-independent intelligent power management. We checked the pricing and at press time you can find this DirectX Fudzilla It News and reviews.

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Gainward launches HD “Golden Sample”

The left side of the card is mostly unpopulated, all the way from the memory up to the two dual link DVI ports and standard mini-DIN port. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. Nice job on the memory. We think it was Palit. Tuesday, August 14th Additional power is here to make the card more stable and to provide better overclocking potential.

It’s cool to see Gainward with some ATi products now. Qimonda memory chips GDDR5.

Note that the card has an 8-pin power connector instead gainwafd a 6-pin one, so make sure the bundle includes a proper adapter. The card comes with a large cooler that looks quite nice and is in in fact smaller than it appears. Last modified on 29 August Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 0 votes.


After checking the consumption, we learned that this card consumes only slightly more than the reference one.

Like their predecessors, the ATI Radeon HD Series graphics cards offer optimal performance and efficiency with gaiward intelligent power management. The card must start up with the BIOS selected with this switch.

Gainward HD 4850 1024 MB BIOS

Palit cards examined today are exact copies of the previously tested products from Gainward except that Sonic has a different cooler than Gainward’s Golden Sample. RV graphics processor is built in 55nm hainward it comes with shaders on both Radeon HD Page 1 of 2. As for Sonic, it has a unique shorter design.

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Introduction, graphics cards Page 2: The Catalyst suite provides basic information about our sample:. More performance tests, conclusions. The fan is located in the center, whereas the two thick heatpipes route the heat from the core to the aluminum heatsink.


Mine is a referance card i think,it looks like it. I like it, especially if gainware managed to make it cheaper than the That cooler must be up to snuff to be able to handle that heat.

iXBT Labs – RADEON HD / from Palit and PowerColor – Page 1: Introduction, graphics cards

All the included box contents are well-packaged and secured. Upper left corner has two CrossFire X connectors. Eitherway, GDDR3 is still a good thing along with the fact that the memory bandwidth is pretty fast. Card’s length is no less important. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.

I wonder if its the same as my “normal” gainward ,the box is the same apart from the sticker. The plastic with patterned details covers the entire card, whereas the cooler for the core is smaller and is hidden by the hood.

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