Steven Liauw steven-e-liauw wrote on I’m watching this thread. However it would have to be permanently enabled because I can’t easily modify the Preference Pane. Would love to have this in ubuntu by default! And I feel, touchpad gesture support could be a major issue to a successful Windows 8 start, because it simplifies the user interface adoption on desktops and notebooks without touchscreens. I’ll take some time and make patches for upstream.

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Posted January 18, Anyone want to help? On Tue, Feb 16, at 8: I found this article, which seems pretty detailed, but unfortunately, I am not comfortable enough to give it a try myself.

Hans, I found out I had sentelic by using the “xinput list” command I found at https: And another big thanks for removing the click-on-tap. I haven’t downloaded the attachment yet. I would love to try it out, then we’d have the most options available to this hardware. Zyzzyva Executive Member Oct 3, Andy Whitcroft apw wrote on Where did you get this tar ball from? I followed the directions and seem to have everything working okay but no corner scrolling.


I’m reporting all this from another computer, because the netbook is a pain to work with right now Also the guys at venturebeat. Steven Liauw steven-e-liauw wrote on You have a second ApplePS2Controller.

So, the question is: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

MSI Wind U – ArchWiki

It’s the upper and lower left corners of the trackpad, right? It would really help if some kind person could write a noob step by step walkthrough of this.

I wish I could just install SideTrack and be done with it. I stupidly didn’t install the one, but simply copied it over the original one. Please support this piece ksi hardware.

Why not use the touchpad trackpad on existing netbooks or notebooks — and extend it with gesture support for Windows 8? I think you need to do the reset thing. Fuchur fuchur wrote on Navarro jamilnavarro wrote on Subnotebooks Linux-based devices Netbooks.

Windows 8 with touchpad gesture support

Posted January 29, Maybe the total combination of hardware settings in this netbook just messes things up? If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d be happy to open a separate bug or do my best to review existing code for a better solution.


Um mir den Moderationsaufwand zu erparen, empfehle ich eines der unter Websites verlinkten Angebote. If so, that would need to be packaged for Ubuntu as well.

To install with pacman:. I took a look at the Elantech driver source to get some ideas on how to make it work – this appears to have paid off.